Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Summer Time woes

Well I'm back but not really sure where I been. The heat has been getting to me and I haven't been very productive lately.  The shed is just too hot for working in so I have been looking for cheap ideas to keep cool. I found these at a local safety store. The red and black items are scarf type things that you soak in icy water. They have some type of gel balls in them that expand and keep you cool. I found that they work well for 5-10 minutes and do help cool you down. The blue item goes inside your hat and keeps your head cool. They are meant for inside hard hats but I am going to use mine inside my gardening hat.

Seeing as it is so hot outside, I have been doing a little online shopping. My 40th birthday is rapidly approaching so I have been hunting for items that the kids can give me. I just bought this off ebay. I think the boys will like it just as much as I do. I can't quite decide if I put lollies in it or little bouncy balls. We have dozens of those small bouncy balls and I figure if I find any more on the floor then I should put them in here and the kids have put money in to get them back. Win!!!
I will clean it up and then wrap it up for one of the boy's to give me on my birthday. I have also bought another item off ebay that is yet to arrive. I still need to find two more items. If anyone spots any colourful/fun/quirky objects that would be good for my house then please let me know.

Take care and stay cool.

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