Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chalk Board Coffee Table

I bought this coffee table very cheap at an auction. Initially I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I had thought maybe using it as a base for an ottoman but then I decided to turn it into a chalk board coffee table.
The base was a bland grey colour so I spray painted it blue. I then sanded back the top and painted it with chalk board paint. Now it didn't quite go to plan as the paint kept going very streaky. I tried using a mini roller but still got lines. I sanded back between coats but it still looked streaky. I then sanded it back again and tried using chalk board spray paint. Well it wasn't streaky but I am not sure if I am any happier with the results.

As it is for the kids I figured that they wont mind if it wasn't 100% and once there is a layer of smeared in chalk no one will ever notice.
The Littlest Man really likes this as he can easily reach. Usually with upright chalk boards he can only reach the bottom third. Now he can cover the entire area in squiggles.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

I bought these great mirrors at an auction. Using my highly refined detective skills, I read the sticker on the back,  I  discovered these mirrors were originally made locally for a local motel. The motel was now having a refit and the mirrors were being replaced.

These mirrors are huge and extremely heavy. I must say the local joinery company does not skimp on materials and I certainly could not lift one on my own. This made it slow work to jazz up and also creates the problem of how I am going to hang them. In the house I rent there are no suitable hooks. But that is a problem for another day. For now I have to focus on painting them.

The first one was sanded back and my Mum spent ages taping around the edge to protect the glass from being scratched. It is hard to tape a circular surface. Here is Mum cleaning the dust off after sanding.
The mirror is so big it covers the entire surface of this outdoor table. After sanding, the mirror was painted with primer, 3 coats of top coat and then several coats of polyurethane.

Now for a finished shot.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
I really hope that you don't fall.
You are massive and weigh a ton,
and being squished wouldn't be fun.

That is one mirror sorted. Now to decide on what colour to paint my other one.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Red's Red Box

It has been a little while between posts as the flu did the rounds in the house and I then injured my shoulder. But we are healthy now and I have caught up on enough housework to allow me to head out to the shed to finish a few projects. 

I have had this timber box for years and it eventually found its way into the shed covered in dust. Time for a huge clean up because this box is going to have a makeover to become a keepsake box for Red. My little Red collects rocks and (affordable) little fossils so this box would be perfect to keep the larger rocks in.

After removing the hardware, a lot of sanding, several coats of primer it was then time to paint the main colour. Little Red got the honour of choosing the colour of his box. He wanted Red and not a subtle red either. I am not a huge red fan but it was his choice.  Here is the start of applying the red.
The red paint started to grow on me. I actually like it now. I did several coats of red and then several coats of varnish. I didn't try to distress the paint as I figured a box holding rocks will become distressed looking quite quickly anyway. I have painted inside and outside of the box in the same colour.

Now for the end result. Here is Red's red box with some of his rock collection.
A huge thank you must go to my friend Narelle who made the stencil for me. You rock Narelle.  Anyone who has ever seen my handwriting would know that there was no chance I could free hand paint or draw the B without a stencil.

Little Red was very happy with his new box and even gave me a Thank you kiss.  Awwwww.