Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Found on the net - pants

I saw a photo on Pinterest about how to make children's pants. I am a novice sewer and struggle to do the basics on a sewing machine. So I followed the link to and found a very easy to understand set of instructions on how to make pants without a pattern.  (The link above will take you straight to the instruction page) I went through my fabric scrap box and found a piece of fabric which was just the right size to make my Littlest Man a new pair of pants. I actually found the process very easy.  I am now tempted to make new PJ pants for everyone. Here are the jazzy pants I made last night. The blog I found these instructions on has a few other projects I am keen to try as well.

I dug around in the fabric scrap box and made the Littlest Man another pair of pants.

 Then Mr Gameboy scored a new pair of pyjama pants as well. This fabric was very slippery to line up and cut so I am glad I had practiced first on thicker and stiffer cotton fabric. These pants will make lovely pj's as they are so soft. I have enough fabric left to make a pair for Red and also for the Littlest Man. They must be good pants for lounging in as Mr Gameboy hasn't taken them off since I asked him to model them for me.
These pants have not cost me anything as I am using scraps and I didn't need to buy a pattern. Thanks must go to Prudent Baby for sharing their instructions. I love practical and easy projects like this that can save me money.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Apron Up-cycle

I had this very thick good quality apron which I got when Bulla Cream were doing a promotion. I have nothing against Bulla Cream, yum,  but the apron is a little bland. It was time to up-cycle it and make it fun.

Here is Superman modeling it for me. My challenge to myself was to not spend any money on the project and to only use scraps in the sewing box. The cross-stitch I made BEFORE Superman was born and I had never got around to doing anything with it. So it was time to put it to use, after all this is my year to complete all my unfinished jobs.  I made a quilted border for the cross-stitch and made a flower ribbon. It isn't anything fancy but it will make kitchen chores seem more colourful and fun. Now I am trying to decide if I need to add pockets as well.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

I love birds and living in the tropics we have such a beautiful variety of native birds that come into the yard everyday. With such an abundance of feathered friends in the wild, I hate to see birds in cages. I have seen photos of bird cages turned into planters and decided to try it myself. After all it is a much better use for a bird cage. This cage was a boring shade of brown.

 I painted the cage blue and I love the result. The cage will match something else I am working on. I think I might add a little plastic bird to go inside. I really wanted to put a maiden hair fern inside but until I can find one, I am just using a little fern.

An update on the outdoor pink table:   I'm going to class the pink table as a project fail. The paint has faded very quickly. So scrap any plans on using spray paint outdoors. I will be re-doing this with a tin of outdoor paint now. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Candle stick fun

I bought these candle sticks back in 1994 when wrought iron decorating was very popular. As they are very gothic and not really my style, I think they have spent most of the time in the back of cupboards.
Time for them to get a makeover and see the light of day again. I used a wire brush to remove any traces of rust. Then put primer on them using a spray can as I had a smidge left and wasn't wasting it. Then I spray painted some and others were hand painted depending what colours I had laying around from other projects. The end result is very fun and was very cheap. The only thing I have to buy is new candles to go in them.

My 6yo son has decided that they now all look like birthday candles.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Froggy Fun

I liked this little side table but it wasn't in the best shape. I bought it second hand and it has had bad repair work in the past. At some point it had a draw but now there is a wooden panel attached in the hole. There are large gaps around the board and it looked very poor. 

It took a while to sand back the varnish, add filler to the gaps and do the undercoat. Then it was time to do the top coats of paint. I was so excited to use this tint. It is called Leap Frog and I think it is such a happy colour. I was out by the shed painting away with a silly smile on my face.

Luckily I really like the colour because I still have a lot of paint left in the tin. Being a scrooge, I'm not letting it go to waste so be prepared to see it pop up again in the coming weeks. My dully lit lounge room doesn't do justice to how vibrant the colour is. It is nice to have a splash of colour in there and hopefully soon there will be other funky pieces around the house.

Mum's Patio Chairs

My Mum is very proud of her patio chair makeover. And she should be, she has done a great job especially considering how ugly the chairs were to begin with. We don't have a BEFORE photo of the chairs, but this is a photo taken after Mum had sanded the old peeling paint off.

After painting the chairs white, Mum targeted those sad cushions. The fabric is nearly rotten and the design reminds me of a cheap motel room stuck in the 80's. My Mum wanted to update the chairs to blend with her modern nautical theme.  Mum had new foam cut to size and then made new covers. I am impressed that she spent considerable time making sure all the lines matched up when the cushions were in place. I certainly don't have that dedication when it comes to cutting and sewing.

The end result is fresh and modern. The chairs are lovely solid timber and will last for many years to come. Yeah Mum. Well Done!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ottoman to the Rescue

I have a large U shaped lounge which is great for large family gatherings, for laying on for watching TV and for trampolining. Recently one of my boys had a trying-to-be-superman accident when he failed to clear the distance between the lounge and collected the corner of the coffee table with the back of his head. It was a very messy and obviously painful for Superman. Time for the coffee table to go and a softer alternative to be found. So I was very excited to spot this dusty ottoman at an auction. It cost me $80 to buy but Superman would think it a bargain.

Now I cannot take credit for turning this ottoman from drab to fab. My darling Mother came to the rescue and made me two slip covers. So now if the boys spill something on the fabric, I can take it off to wash it and put the spare one on. Mum left the orange fabric on to help keep the shape then made a calico cover to go over the orange. The calico cover has been stapled underneath.

The two matching slipcovers have been made with elastic in the bottom seam so they sit nicely underneath.

Now ignore the fact that the ottoman is sitting on the carport concrete.  I will later edit the post to include a lovely shot of the ottoman sitting proudly in my lounge room. Unfortunately my lounge room currently looks like a train depot with Thomas the Tank engines and tracks everywhere. When I can convince Superman to pack away the Island of Sodor, I will take a lovely AFTER photo.

EDIT - Here is a lounge room shot. See how clean it is!!!!
 P.S. Did you spot Santa?  I know it is mid year but he can stay there now until this Christmas.

My $10 outdoor table

This table I bought for a bargain price of just $10. Obviously nobody wanted a dirty moldy outdoor table. My Mum described it as "hideous" which was a little unfair as it just needed some TLC. It was very sturdy and I didn't have to reinforce it or fix anything.

I sanded it back which improved its appearance 100%. I then used a primer in a spray can which was incredibly quick and easy. I then spray painted 2 coats of pink. It was the first time I have ever painted furniture with a can of spray paint. I actually like the result. It is actually a vibrant pink but my camera settings give a very disappointing photo of the results. Hopefully I can sort out the camera settings to take photos of the table with new chairs. 

It is a very pretty addition to the pool area. I can't wait to add a few chairs and sit out there with a refreshing drink when I am watching the children swim.

Update - I'm going to class this as a project fail. The paint has faded very quickly. So scrap any plans on using spray paint outdoors. I will be re-doing this with a tin of outdoor paint now.