Saturday, 21 September 2013

Craft - My fun new bedroom lamp

It is rather embarrassing to admit but this lamp project took me 9 months.... I'm not sure why either.  I painted the lamp around Christmas time and it has sat in the shed ever since. I just didn't get around to doing something with the lamp shade or finding that little black plastic bit that holds the lamp shade still. If anyone asks I will say I was letting the paint cure.

Anyway here are before photos.

And the before of the lamp shade.
The lamp base was in good condition but it was brown. I am trying to get rid of boring colours in the house so this needed a paint. The lamp shade was old so I really wasn't sure how I was going to upcycle it. This was another project where I was determined that I wasn't spending any money which really limited what I could do.

I got out the fabric markers and let the kids help me decorate it. I figured the lamp shade was so old that if it didn't turn out I would throw it away or recover it with fabric.  The boys took turns to decorate a panel each. Three of us went for an outdoor garden theme but one of my boys drew himself as a red Power Ranger. He currently has a Power Ranger obsession so I wasn't surprised with his choice. Here is his contribution. It think it is awesome.

My boys aren't into craft so a quick colouring in project is perfect for them. I have a few little craft projects for the boys to do over the school holidays as we need to make a start on Christmas presents and cards.

Now here is the finished bedroom lamp. I love it. The flowers were crochet flowers I bought on ebay a while ago. I also added a few random buttons that I found around the house. It is certainly unique and I know many people wouldn't like it but it suits my room and my personality. I still haven't found that plastic bit that holds the lamp shade still but it will turn up eventually... the shed isn't that big.

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  1. Another inventive project - love the boys work, it has turned out fantastic.