Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chalk Board Coffee Table

I bought this coffee table very cheap at an auction. Initially I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I had thought maybe using it as a base for an ottoman but then I decided to turn it into a chalk board coffee table.
The base was a bland grey colour so I spray painted it blue. I then sanded back the top and painted it with chalk board paint. Now it didn't quite go to plan as the paint kept going very streaky. I tried using a mini roller but still got lines. I sanded back between coats but it still looked streaky. I then sanded it back again and tried using chalk board spray paint. Well it wasn't streaky but I am not sure if I am any happier with the results.

As it is for the kids I figured that they wont mind if it wasn't 100% and once there is a layer of smeared in chalk no one will ever notice.
The Littlest Man really likes this as he can easily reach. Usually with upright chalk boards he can only reach the bottom third. Now he can cover the entire area in squiggles.


  1. Hi Lesley
    Love your blog, always knew you were a talented craft person, you scrapbooking albums showed that. Love all the "renovations" but my favourite is the lovely blue and white chair, so fresh and bright.
    Keep up the blogs and the "renovations"
    Judy Jennings (Nic's Mum)

    1. Thanks Judy. I was sorting out the nursery recently and found all the lovely outfits you made for the twins. The outfits have been worn by all 4 boys and some have gone on to another family as there was still a lot of life left in them. :)

  2. Yep, good again. THe black board is a great idea for kids. That blue paint sure is lasting...

  3. Thanks Donna. I think I am stuck with a blue and white colour scheme outside now. :) But I am on the lookout for something to paint bright yellow.