Monday, 10 March 2014

Craft project: ea alis propriis volat

Normally I follow craft patterns as I feel I lack imagination to design my own work. But this week I decided to design something from scratch. If I didn't like the end product then I would just hide it in a cupboard but I actually think I did ok for my first attempt so I am going to share it.

I used my favourite Latin quote "ea alis propriis volat" which translated means "She Flies With Her Own Wings" or "the feminine one flies with her own wings". From what I can tell the quote can be used without the 'ea' but the 'ea' gives a stronger emphasis that it is about a female. I think this quote really describes me well. As a strong independent, single mum I think I really fly with my own wings.

The font for the script came from googling script fonts and discovering a website for designing tattoos. You put in your words, choose a font and then can print it off. This was great for then tracing the font design onto the fabric using a water soluble pen. The website I used was called

 All the writing and thread work were done with 2 strands of thread using backstitch. With the stem of the flower and the body of the butterfly I did rows of back stitch beside each other.  I used a fabric scrap for the butterfly and the flowers were crochet flowers I bought off Ebay ages ago. If I didn't have those to use up, then I would have made appliqued flowers instead.
I am happy with my first attempt and it does match in with my bedroom. Though I did straighten the frame up a little after I took the photo.

Well do you think it turned out ok? How did your first attempts at designing a project go?

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