Monday, 25 August 2014

Study Room Upheaval - Part 1

Recently we were all sick and in my flu induced haze I left my clothes iron sitting out. The youngest member of the household saw the plug and decided to plug it into a power board. Luckily he didn't play with the iron itself but the carpet got a big injury.
As I rent, I could not leave the carpet in this condition. So I spent six hours stripping the room ready to replace the carpet. I pulled out 2 massive desks, a huge bookcase, a chest filled with fabrics, a baby change table and a mountain of 'crap' that was dumped in there due to a lack of space anywhere else.
Now seeing that I had to strip the room it has made me change the order of projects I have on my To Do List. I have also decided to swap a couple of the rooms around. The study will now move to the front bedroom and become my study and a 'classroom' for one of my boys who wants to home school next year.
Seeing as all the furniture from this room is sitting out under the carport I thought I better start painting some of it. I started with this bookcase.  It is sitting sideways because I had an 11yo help me carry it outside and this was the easiest way for us to manage it.

Getting started using Canterbury Blue Chalk EZ2 Paint.

Below is a progress shot. I still haven't sanded it back or waxed it yet.  I think this looks so much nicer now.
It has such a happy feel about it now. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can move to stage two of the Study Room upheaval.

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