Saturday, 1 September 2012


I have been chasing a set of lockers for ages to store school bags, school shoes, umbrellas, rain coats and other items that get scattered around the house the moment the boys get home from school.

I picked these lockers up for a great price but they are very drab. I bought 2 identical sets so the boys will have one locker each and I will have space to store the vacuum cleaner and brooms.

For this project I have decided to spray paint the lockers with cans of spray paint. I picked up this handy little gadget to help. It clips on the tin and makes spraying easier on the hand.

I set up a wind break outside and got to work.
The wind decided to change direction though the moment I set up the wind break. Typical.

I applied two coats of a violet coloured spray paint. I think I should have stopped with one coat. With the second coat some of the mist landed on the surface creating a matt effect on the gloss surface. The surface now looks a little blotchy with gloss and matt effects.  I am not sure if I am happy with the results and perhaps if it annoys me enough I will re-do the second coat again.

It is hard to get a decent shot of the lockers because of lighting and positioning in the hallway. 

The Littlest Man played with my camera on Friday. I am not sure what he did with the settings but all the photos are coming out grainy. I will  have to keep fiddling with the camera and hopefully I can update the post with clearer photos as a later date. Otherwise I hope Santa will bring me a nice camera for Christmas.

I plan to add a decorative feature to the front of each locker so the boys will know who has which one.