Saturday, 4 January 2014

Furniture renovation project - Mum is having fun with a can of white paint.

Here are some projects that my Mum wants to show off. Mum loves white. Recently she went crazy with a can of white paint and here are the results. Firstly she painted this old tray to fit in with her Nautical themed outdoor area.

The tray must be over 25 years old because I remember it from when I was younger. Now it looks brand new and loved again.

Next she turned an old cork board into a mood board for all her ideas.
Then after a few coats of paint it looks quite different.

Then she worked on more chairs for her outdoor area.

Then she set about doing up 4 old chairs that were given to her for free because no one else wanted them. They were sturdy but very dated, and not in a nice retro way.
Mum pulled them apart, painted the frames and recovered the cushions.
And now for the finished items.

The chairs look very fresh and modern now. It is hard to believe that they were ever destined for the tip.

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  1. Ha now I can see where the craft talent comes from. Well done Lesley's Mum, all the items look fantastic - absolutely love the green chairs - I seem to be having a green period at the moment. :-)
    Well done.