Sunday, 12 January 2014

Furniture Renovation project: Outdoor Lounge - from drab to fab.

This is a project that started ages ago but I realised I never came back to post the 'After' pictures. As it was so long ago now I have included the previous posts here as well as the after photo.

This first part was posted back on 18/09/2012.
This outdoor lounge is very sturdy but was drab, faded and dated.

I painted the timber in white outdoor gloss paint. Boy typing it like that makes it sound like it was an easy quick job. Don't be fooled, those timber slats on the chairs took ages to paint. Then my darling Mum took the feral covers off and replaced them with Calico.

 I bought the calico as lining. There is special UV resistant fabric coming to cover the cushions. Those will be included in the Part 2 edition.  I have ordered the fabric from the USA and have to wait for it to arrive. But for now the calico looks much nicer than the old faded red fabric.

Then I published an update on 20/10/2012
I recently started jazzing up my outdoor lounge. I had painted it white and Mum had started recovering the cushions with calico as the lining.
I had been trying to find a suitable outer fabric that wouldn't fade from the sunlight. I couldn't find anything locally that I liked or could afford. I ended up finding this one at an online American shop, Surprisingly adding the postage costs to the price of the fabric still made this a far cheaper option than buying anything locally. From the time the order was processed to the time it arrived to my door step was less than a week.

Here is a blurb on it.
"This outdoor solarium fabric is solution dyed (solution-dye process is when the color is manufactured into and throughout the fiber, the color is part of the finished fabric). This gives the fiber consistent and durable color that stands up in tough environments, such as sustained direct sunlight. This fabric will withstand 5,000 hours sunlight and is perfect for porches, patios, deck side, pool side and boat side"

Now I just have to wait until Mum has time to sew these for me.  

Well it didn't actually take Mum long to sew them. It has just taken me about a year to show you the after photo.

 Now if you were paying attention, you would have noticed that the little table has changed colour too. I love my lounges now. They are so much nicer than the drab red. I love sitting outside and enjoying the breeze in the evening.

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