Saturday, 4 January 2014

Craft - Rope Swirl Tapestry Art

If you are a fan of Pinterest then you might have seen the stunning Rope Swirl Tapestry photos doing the rounds. The original photos come from HERE. If you haven't seen them then you must go look.

They were even kind enough to post instructions HERE. I think it is totally awesome of them to share the instructions. As soon as I found the instructions I rushed off to my local Spotlight store to buy wool.

It is a very fun project and easy to do. The one thing that isn't clear is that you need to skip a section in each row as you weave to keep the pattern going.

Here are my attempts so far. I haven't cut off the green twine ends yet so it looks messy. I will wait until I am ready to attach them all and then work out what needs cutting and trimming.
When I am ready to attach them I will add bright tassels and pompoms. I love the colour in the original photo and mine currently looks quite drab even though the wool is quite bright. The rope dulls the overall look so it definitely needs to be jazzed up. Don't hold your breath for the completed article, I think it will take me a few months of work.

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