Friday, 27 July 2012

Boy's Bedroom update

Mr Gameboy and Red share a bedroom by choice. Though I sometimes wonder if it was a wise move when I hear them chatting away long after the lights have been turned off at bedtime. I had been meaning to update their bedding for a while but Red made the decision for me. I was looking at something online and Red walked past, saw a photo of bed linen, and announced "I would like that, please" and then he walked off again. Ok fair enough Red.

This was before

Now with a clean up and the new linen.

I had a little blue spray paint left which matched the blue on the doonas. I gave the lids of these jars a quick spray and now they have a place for marbles, shells and those annoying Nintendo DS pens that I find all over the house.

I would love to stencil dinosaur foot prints on the wall but unfortunately I only rent this house. But I will tackle that ugly lamp beside their bed. They love the lamp as it is a touch lamp but it needs a makeover.