Friday, 20 July 2012

My Milk Urn

I feel in love with this Milk Urn the moment I saw it but it had a lot of rust in places. In fact I think in this photo it must be showing its good side. It actually looks nicer in the photo than the rusty mess it was.
Actually I am so determined to show you how bad it was that I am off to search for a better photo......    Ok I am back. Now check this out.

Can you see all that rust now?

I used paint stripper on this and please stop me if I ever suggest using it again. It is nasty horrible stuff and I had to be so careful that the children didn't come near it. I even placed it inside a child's play pen while I was doing it. Next I sanded the surface and prepared the tin for painting. I painted it white as I thought it would be a nice colour for a milk urn.  I thought that white would be a nice traditional colour.
After painting it, I discovered that I hated it white. The urn seemed to lose its charm and personality. It just seemed washed out. I then decided to forget traditional and go for bold. I really couldn't decide then what colour to paint it. In the end I decided to use a spare tin of paint I had sitting in the shed. If I don't end up liking it then I can sand it back and repaint it again.

I think the colour is more aqua than the blue showing in the photo but for now I am happy with the results. I have plans to insert driftwood sticks and hang some decorations on them. I am not paying for decorative sticks, I am being thrifty after all, so next time we go to the beach we will search for something suitable.

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