Monday, 17 September 2012

Blue Table

I bought this table very cheap, it had been knocked about a bit, from a furniture store. It then took me a couple of years to notice that one leg was very different to the others. I was using the table as a craft table so it really didn't matter.  It was sturdy and strong and that's all that matters. But I got sick of the boring brown and it was time this table got a makeover too.

I gave the table a light sand and then painted it in an exterior paint that has an undercoat built in. I am not sure if I am going to distress the table and if I do then I don't want an undercoat showing. The colour I picked is a Dulux exterior paint colour called Template.
This table is very heavy and very difficult for me to move by myself so unfortunately the "after" photos aren't very flash.

I really like the colour but haven't decided if I leave it as it is or if I distress it. Either way I still need to do a very light sand on the top to remove some of the paint brush lines.
I do like the colour and can just imagine how nice it would look set up with an afternoon tea spread of nice china, scones and cream, and a jug of iced tea.