Friday, 28 September 2012

My next project - Kitchen hutch

I bought this cabinet because it has potential. I know it is hard to see past the peeling, mouldy paint and the feral inside that looks like it was a cockroach motel for many years. But I see a beautiful piece of furniture, but I know that it will take a lot of work to find the hidden beauty. 

I bought it weeks ago and haven't started it yet. The main reason is because I can't move it by myself. I usually work outside and really think this piece should be sanded outside as it may be lead based paint. I don't want particles of that in the shed especially as the kids play in the shed. But by posting this here, that this is my next project, I am hoping to shame myself into making a start. 

I am just dreading the sanding part. I really hate wearing a face mask when sanding but will have to for this project. 

I was thinking of painting it mint green with antique white doors. But I really like the blue that I painted the table. This was featured in my last post. The deciding factor is that I have enough blue paint left without having to outlay any more money on paint. I think the hutch will make a lovely craft cupboard and the table in the last post would be a good craft table. They would look nice together if I paint this blue.


  1. Wishing you well with this beauty. I have done one over 10 yrs ago. Totally sanded the insides as well took 2yrs on & off. I varnished the outside and still haven't done the doors because I can't decide what to do with them. To paint or stain & varnish? I have another that just needs a tidy up and light coat of paint to freshen it but I can't find new handles for it so I'm waiting... Glad you've a mask it will be lead paint for sure. Yours will looks beautiful no matter what colour you go with either will show your loving hands. (New follower, friend of Sherri).

  2. Hi again, just looking at all that work on the inside. And my hub suggested replacing the ply on the back as it would save some work. Then I remembered the ply on the back of mine was in very poor condition so we replaced it and made the whole job a bit easier.

  3. Thanks Donna for the feedback. I have spent the weekend getting back into this project. I think I will have to replace some of the plywood but my cutting skills are very poor. So I am not sure how that will go. :)