Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fabric yoyos

I am still madly in love with this Bloom Quilt by Amy Butler

So I decided to try making some of the fabric yoyos myself. They are so easy and I could make one in about 5 minutes. So if I do decide to make this quilt I can at least make the yoyos myself and maybe get some help with the quilt part.  Here is my attempt at making yoyos.
I am going to make more and use them to make a table runner for the sideboard I got for Christmas (Thanks Mum). That should be a nice and bright feature for the top and then I will add the candlesticks I painted at the start of the blog.
While I was looking for instructions on how to make yoyos, I found this great project photo on pinterest.
DIY:: Yo-Yo tree - how cute
From what I have found it comes from here.  There is an online magazine featured there and it is on page 141. I will be making this at some point, maybe check back in about 6 months time.
Doing a search for yoyos on Pinterest certainly brings up some amazing finds such as a skirt made of yoyos and the following. 
yo-yo upholstered thrifted chair
I think this chair comes from, I haven't yet found it on there but it looks like an interesting site so I will be going back later to look.

Yoyo Wreathyoyo ideas

I am not sure of the original sources for these but will keep looking.

I think these yoyos are a great way to use up fabric scraps. I am hoping I have enough scraps to make my table runner without having to buy anything so fingers crossed.

It looks like a lovely summer day here so I should head out to the shed and keep working on the kitchen hutch that has sat neglected over the last few weeks. I really want to see it finished by the end of January so I better get a move on.


  1. Love the chair, that is certainly original. Pity you weren't here could help, a little bit, with patchwork/quilting. Luv it.
    Have a look on you tube under Missouri Star Quilt Co tutorials, Jenny (notice 1st name basis) does some circles that could be used for YoYo's