Sunday, 2 December 2012

New blogs for the boys

My 4 boys all have autism. I love them dearly and I am very proud of them. Some things they can do really well and other things they struggle with.  Gameboy is really good at maths but isn't very good with story writing or comprehension and retelling of stories. I have been trying to think of ways to help him and motivate him in these areas. I really wanted something that we could work on over the holidays and beyond.

So we have set up two new blogs. The first blog, Find Me Gaming is for Gameboy to share his love of games by reviewing different computer games.

The second blog will be a joint effort between Red and Gameboy. In this blog, Find Me With A Book they will be reviewing children's books.

I hope this will be a fun venture for us. I will be assisting with the writing and hopefully over time they can help too.

You are welcome to check out the blogs and leave comments for them.

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