Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rocks in my head

I am in the middle of so many big jobs that take for ages. So I thought I would do a quick little project today. I found this bag of rocks at the back of the shed and decided that the Littlest Man would love them.
 As the Littlest Man is starting to learn his alphabet I thought I would write each letter of the alphabet on the rocks. I used a permanent marker to mark them. I would have rocks in my head if I spent ages on them as the Littlest Man will have them spread around the yard in record time. So I did very basic letters. If I was making them for an older child I would have done something fancy.
The Littlest Man played with them for a while and named the letters. Then he decided that they make good musical instruments and kept banging them together. I have already found a few stray ones in the pot plants.

Edit - I am coming back looking at my old posts and realised that I have no idea where these rocks are now. I haven't seen the bucket or any of the rocks in a very long time. It is a complete mystery. In fact I had completely forgotten I had made them until I saw the photos again. I think it is time to do another shed clean up and hopefully they turn up.


  1. Gosh you are so creative, love all the projects that you have done.
    Well done Lesley.
    Judy J.