Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

I love birds and living in the tropics we have such a beautiful variety of native birds that come into the yard everyday. With such an abundance of feathered friends in the wild, I hate to see birds in cages. I have seen photos of bird cages turned into planters and decided to try it myself. After all it is a much better use for a bird cage. This cage was a boring shade of brown.

 I painted the cage blue and I love the result. The cage will match something else I am working on. I think I might add a little plastic bird to go inside. I really wanted to put a maiden hair fern inside but until I can find one, I am just using a little fern.

An update on the outdoor pink table:   I'm going to class the pink table as a project fail. The paint has faded very quickly. So scrap any plans on using spray paint outdoors. I will be re-doing this with a tin of outdoor paint now. 


  1. Looks pretty and adds a soothing feeling to the area, would be nice to sit and relax nearby.

  2. The Littlest Man has decided that this bird cage is the best place to hide trinkets. Currently it is also holding several toy cars, a sanding block, several rocks and a pile of leaves that he likes to post between the bars.