Sunday, 10 June 2012

Froggy Fun

I liked this little side table but it wasn't in the best shape. I bought it second hand and it has had bad repair work in the past. At some point it had a draw but now there is a wooden panel attached in the hole. There are large gaps around the board and it looked very poor. 

It took a while to sand back the varnish, add filler to the gaps and do the undercoat. Then it was time to do the top coats of paint. I was so excited to use this tint. It is called Leap Frog and I think it is such a happy colour. I was out by the shed painting away with a silly smile on my face.

Luckily I really like the colour because I still have a lot of paint left in the tin. Being a scrooge, I'm not letting it go to waste so be prepared to see it pop up again in the coming weeks. My dully lit lounge room doesn't do justice to how vibrant the colour is. It is nice to have a splash of colour in there and hopefully soon there will be other funky pieces around the house.


  1. It does look like a fun addition, Lesley, well done!!

    1. Thanks. Tomorrow's post is equally fun. I am addicted to colour at the moment.