Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ottoman to the Rescue

I have a large U shaped lounge which is great for large family gatherings, for laying on for watching TV and for trampolining. Recently one of my boys had a trying-to-be-superman accident when he failed to clear the distance between the lounge and collected the corner of the coffee table with the back of his head. It was a very messy and obviously painful for Superman. Time for the coffee table to go and a softer alternative to be found. So I was very excited to spot this dusty ottoman at an auction. It cost me $80 to buy but Superman would think it a bargain.

Now I cannot take credit for turning this ottoman from drab to fab. My darling Mother came to the rescue and made me two slip covers. So now if the boys spill something on the fabric, I can take it off to wash it and put the spare one on. Mum left the orange fabric on to help keep the shape then made a calico cover to go over the orange. The calico cover has been stapled underneath.

The two matching slipcovers have been made with elastic in the bottom seam so they sit nicely underneath.

Now ignore the fact that the ottoman is sitting on the carport concrete.  I will later edit the post to include a lovely shot of the ottoman sitting proudly in my lounge room. Unfortunately my lounge room currently looks like a train depot with Thomas the Tank engines and tracks everywhere. When I can convince Superman to pack away the Island of Sodor, I will take a lovely AFTER photo.

EDIT - Here is a lounge room shot. See how clean it is!!!!
 P.S. Did you spot Santa?  I know it is mid year but he can stay there now until this Christmas.


  1. Superman its time to pack up, the fat controller needs a rest

    1. LOL I agree. With the rate that the Island of Sodor is expanding the Fat Controller really needs a holiday. Superman has a birthday this month so we can expect more lines to be added to the network.

  2. now that is a very creative idea Lesley!!!