Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mum's Patio Chairs

My Mum is very proud of her patio chair makeover. And she should be, she has done a great job especially considering how ugly the chairs were to begin with. We don't have a BEFORE photo of the chairs, but this is a photo taken after Mum had sanded the old peeling paint off.

After painting the chairs white, Mum targeted those sad cushions. The fabric is nearly rotten and the design reminds me of a cheap motel room stuck in the 80's. My Mum wanted to update the chairs to blend with her modern nautical theme.  Mum had new foam cut to size and then made new covers. I am impressed that she spent considerable time making sure all the lines matched up when the cushions were in place. I certainly don't have that dedication when it comes to cutting and sewing.

The end result is fresh and modern. The chairs are lovely solid timber and will last for many years to come. Yeah Mum. Well Done!


  1. Wow. I would be so utterly thrilled if they were mine. The white and the fabric were excellent choices.

  2. Mum is very happy them. But she isn't too impressed that the local birds like to use them to perch on.