Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Found on the net - pants

I saw a photo on Pinterest about how to make children's pants. I am a novice sewer and struggle to do the basics on a sewing machine. So I followed the link to and found a very easy to understand set of instructions on how to make pants without a pattern.  (The link above will take you straight to the instruction page) I went through my fabric scrap box and found a piece of fabric which was just the right size to make my Littlest Man a new pair of pants. I actually found the process very easy.  I am now tempted to make new PJ pants for everyone. Here are the jazzy pants I made last night. The blog I found these instructions on has a few other projects I am keen to try as well.

I dug around in the fabric scrap box and made the Littlest Man another pair of pants.

 Then Mr Gameboy scored a new pair of pyjama pants as well. This fabric was very slippery to line up and cut so I am glad I had practiced first on thicker and stiffer cotton fabric. These pants will make lovely pj's as they are so soft. I have enough fabric left to make a pair for Red and also for the Littlest Man. They must be good pants for lounging in as Mr Gameboy hasn't taken them off since I asked him to model them for me.
These pants have not cost me anything as I am using scraps and I didn't need to buy a pattern. Thanks must go to Prudent Baby for sharing their instructions. I love practical and easy projects like this that can save me money.


  1. Thanks. I still haven't got around to making myself a pair. I better get moving on that.