Saturday, 9 June 2012

My $10 outdoor table

This table I bought for a bargain price of just $10. Obviously nobody wanted a dirty moldy outdoor table. My Mum described it as "hideous" which was a little unfair as it just needed some TLC. It was very sturdy and I didn't have to reinforce it or fix anything.

I sanded it back which improved its appearance 100%. I then used a primer in a spray can which was incredibly quick and easy. I then spray painted 2 coats of pink. It was the first time I have ever painted furniture with a can of spray paint. I actually like the result. It is actually a vibrant pink but my camera settings give a very disappointing photo of the results. Hopefully I can sort out the camera settings to take photos of the table with new chairs. 

It is a very pretty addition to the pool area. I can't wait to add a few chairs and sit out there with a refreshing drink when I am watching the children swim.

Update - I'm going to class this as a project fail. The paint has faded very quickly. So scrap any plans on using spray paint outdoors. I will be re-doing this with a tin of outdoor paint now.