Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Candle stick fun

I bought these candle sticks back in 1994 when wrought iron decorating was very popular. As they are very gothic and not really my style, I think they have spent most of the time in the back of cupboards.
Time for them to get a makeover and see the light of day again. I used a wire brush to remove any traces of rust. Then put primer on them using a spray can as I had a smidge left and wasn't wasting it. Then I spray painted some and others were hand painted depending what colours I had laying around from other projects. The end result is very fun and was very cheap. The only thing I have to buy is new candles to go in them.

My 6yo son has decided that they now all look like birthday candles.


  1. I really love these bright colours too. However I have had to put them away as the Littlest Man decided that make great clap sticks.