Saturday, 26 July 2014

Making use of an old spice rack

I haven't stuck my head into everyone's kitchens but I am fairly certain that most people have had a spice rack at some point in their lives. I prefer to use fresh herbs and spices when I can get them rather than dried herbs. So I had no use for this spice rack and I set about finding a new use for it.

I painted it with chalk pain from Canterbury Blue.

 I am still experimenting with chalk paint so this time I used two colours, an off white and a navy. I put one coat of the white, then did two coats of the navy.  I only gave it a light sand as I am still scared of getting too heavy with the sanding. But I wanted some of the white to show through so I should have sanded it back a little more.
Suddenly seeing it looking pretty, I had inspiration of what its new role in life will be. So I applied some wax and then rushed it inside to its new spot.
My spice rack is now holding some of my skincare products. As I am using up products I am replacing them with organic skincare products. Mum has been making us some home made products so I'm hoping eventually I can have rows of plain old fashioned looking bottles in here with nice organic contents.

And yes I do realise that the green table needs cleaning. My youngest child is always spilling things and touching furniture with dirty hands, that's part of the joys of having kids. My house will never look like one of those pristine houses in the glossy magazines but my house is full of love and that's all that matters. And I am fully in love with my spice rack now. 

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