Monday, 28 July 2014

Yellow chalk paint coffee table

This project was a bit daunting as the item was already in good condition before I decided to paint it. I never have any second thoughts about painting something that is in poor condition but there is a moment of hesitation about painting something that looks fine just the way it is. But I decided to paint this coffee table anyway.
This is the before photo.
Here is what I used
- Canterbury Blue Chalk EZ2 Paint
 - Canterbury Blue Wax
- Paint brush
- Sanding pads
- cloths

What I did
- I gave the coffee table a wipe down to clean it
- Put a coat of chalk paint on, then waited for it to dry
- Put on a second coat of paint, allow to dry
- Placed a thin layer of wax over the paint and then buffed it off  (you can skip this step)
- Sanded the coffee table. I roughed up the corners and edges a little to give it a bit of character. Even if you dont want to distress the piece a light sanding changes the paint feel from a rough chalky feel to a silky smooth finish.
- Wipe off the excess sanding dust.
- Apply the wax again and then buff off.

And now my pretty 'new' coffee table.

 I am happy I took the plunge and painted it. It is a very long coffee table and is nearly as long as the lounge it sits in front of. It is in a small room and the dark timber look really dominated the room. But now it has a softer feel about it, almost a Country Farmhouse type feel.

The Pottles of paint are $25 and I used about half a pottle for this project. The wax is $15 and I used about 1/4 of a tin, maybe less. I already had rags, a paint brush and sanding paper. So even if I count in the sanding sheets I used then this project cost me about $20. Not bad for a completely different look for the room. 

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  1. What a lovely happy colour, it makes you think of sunshine. All your re-birthing items are fantastic, I can see a business developing. Well done clever lady.