Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Upcycling an old picture frame

One day I was driving along and a song came on the radio that really sums up how I feel about life. It is called 'I make my own Sunshine' by Chelsea Basham. I really strive to make my own sunshine both in my life and in my home. Lately I am really moving ahead with making fun pieces for my home, but why stop now? So using this song as inspiration I have upcycled an old picture frame into a bright fun artwork.

I bought this frame for $3 at an auction.

I pulled the back off and took the picture out and put the stuff aside to reuse later.
I then painted the frame with 2 coats of Canterbury Blue Chalk EZ2 Paint in teal. I think this colour makes a loves pretty frame colour. I then used fabric scraps and a piece of calico. I traced the letters onto an iron on adhesive paper, remembering to do the letters in mirror image so that they are facing the right way when complete. Then I ironed the template to fabric scraps, trimmed them, removed the backing of the adhesive paper then ironed the letters onto the calico. I then used the original picture board that was in the frame, put some quilting wadding in front and then the calico on top and put everything back in the frame. The frame doesn't have glass so I added the wadding to make the fabric pop out a little. As the fabric isn't going to washed, I didn't need to stitch the letters down and can just use the adhesive from the adhesive paper to hold them into place.

This project cost me a grand total of $3 which was for the price of the frame. I used leftover paint and fabric scraps. The plan is that it will join a wall of quirky artworks, all with fun bright frames.

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