Thursday, 10 July 2014

Upcycle - Table runner

I know I only recently featured an upcycled tablecloth but last night I had a wild urge to make myself something pretty and I couldn't wait to share it. Besides snuggling up in a comfy chair with a project seemed to be the best cure for last night's cold weather.

I started with a plain store bought runner and a table full of supplies.
 The crochet flowers I bought in bulk off ebay ages ago. I also used buttons and coloured threads.
 Now here is the finished product on the table.
I have yellow pompoms at one end and red on the other end because I was using up scraps.

I am really happy with how it looks. It will be great for birthday parties or just when I need a dose of happy. 

Next week I am hoping to have a few big furniture projects to share. I am so excited to get started on those. I am just waiting for supplies to arrive. Now to head to the shed and finish something special for the boys. 

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  1. Gosh young lady you never cease to amaze me with the fantastic craft work that you do. Your re-cycling of furniture always turns out incredible. Love you ideas for the boys dressing room, it really look fantastic.
    Well done!