Sunday, 13 July 2014

Minecraft coffee table

My boys want a Minecraft themed bedroom. The company that makes Minecraft hasn't expanded into the complete range of merchandise to flog to kids. Though I am sure it is just a matter of time but for now I can't just go to the store and buy Minecraft decor items. So I am slowly decorating the hard way, which is DIY.
So far the boys have knitted wool cushions which Grandma made from a pattern found here.
I also bought them weighted blankets made with Minecraft fabric. Weighted blankets can help calm and settle children with sensory issues especially children with autism.

I had this old coffee table that was doubling as a bedside table between the bunk beds. It was very knocked about and even had a corner chewed by a dog many years ago.

 I sanded the coffee table and put two coats of undercoat on. I then put two coats of leftover green paint on. I then tried my best to make a Creeper face template. I was convinced it was big enough but I think I should have made it bigger still. I was also convinced I had centered the template before painting. hahahaha. Luckily the boys haven't noticed.
I then had a wild urge to distress the paint. I have never tried heavily distressing a piece of furniture before but wanted to try before I start a BIG project later in the week.
Here is the final product. I haven't sealed it yet as I am trying to work out if I need to make any further adjustments first.

Here is a photo from when I was falling off what I was standing on to try take these photos. Luckily I wasn't injured. :)

I have seen a few removable wall stickers on Etsy that have Minecraft related designs. I am thinking of getting some of those for the room. I also plan to get the boys to help make some paintings to hang up in here. I think we have enough Creepers in here though. I really want to make a Minecraft pig as they look cute.

I hope you have a great day. I am hoping to stalk the postie today as I am waiting on exciting things to arrive for a new project. :)

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